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Proven and Flexible

Precision Agriculture

sUAS Stardust covers up to 2.500 Acres per flight equipped with Multispectral Near Infrared, RGB visual range or Thermal IR sensor.

Images can be processed with GPS and IMU data to obtain high definition  orthomosaics and digital elevation model.

Stardust has been tested in different operational agriculture environment for years. The ability to install a wide range of payload, hand launch and recovery in rough terrain is a key factor for this application.


Stardust equipped with RGB visual range camera is capable to obtain a high volume of images. Operator can even obtain more than 90% overlap (lateral and longitudinal) to ensure high definition DEM.

The system has been designed and tested to obtain high quality images in almost any situation. More than 99% of the images of each flight are useful for Orthomosaic and 3D Mapping.

Open access to IMU and GPS data. The operator can choose any GIS solution to process images. Stardust has been tested with Ensomosaic, AgiSoft, Pix4D and Drone Mapper.

sUAS Stardust by IDETEC Unmanned Systems -

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