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  • Easy transport – 3 Panel Wing, Removable horizontal stab.

  • System tested in-flight before delivery to final user.

  • Cruise Speed: 65 km/hr, Stall speed: 28 km/hr

  • Altitude: 100-1000 meters AGL

  • Max. Takeoff Weight: 4500 grams.

  • Max operational altitude:  Tested at 5.000 meters ASL.

  • Automatic Cruise speed, Ascending and Descending. Automatic Hand launch and Skid recovery capability.

  • Standard package include: UAV, Payload, GCS and Image process software.

  • Developed under sUAS ARC by FAA.

  • Payload Options:Thermal IR, RGB Visual Range, Multispectral NIR, HD Video cameras.

  • Takeoff: Hand launch, Landing: Normal with SoftSkid.

  • Max. Endurance: 120 minutes Electric

  • GCS Telemetry Data-Link range: 20km.

  • Max. area covered per flight: 1200 Ha.

sUAS Stardust is a product designed and produced by IDETEC Unmanned Systems -

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