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Outstanding Results

sUAS Stardust Mapping at 4300m ASL
  • Easy to transport and deploy.

  • Electric motor. Silent and clean operation.

  • No Catapult required. Safe hand launch even above 4000m ASL.

  • Efficient aerodynamic design.

  • ​Slow speed recovery using SoftSkid system. No parachute or net required.

  • Standard payload mount with easy access.

  • No lens damage during the recovery process.

  • Low quantity of parts and equipment.

  • More accurate navigation, Endurance and better Image quality compared with Flying Wings and other similar small UAVs. 

  • Easy fuselage access.

  • Tested in a wide range of altitudes without modifications. Tested at 4600 meters (~15.000 ft) ASL.

  • ​Flexible to fit different requirements. Precision Agriculture, Mapping, Law Enforcement and More.

  • Open access to IMU and GPS data.

  • Integrated and Ready-To-Work. System include GCS, Payloadand image process software.

  • Training and In-Field Support available.

  • Spare parts available without restrictions to all systems with active support.

  • Technical support available in English and Spanish.

  • 4th Generation of the product. First Stardust system appeared in 2009.

sUAS Stardust is a product designed and produced by IDETEC Unmanned Systems -

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